Our Pastor


Jon's background is in banking (but an honest banker)  as an economist - now quite sure what the difference is but Jon will explain...  but felt the call of God on his life so a new chapter starts in his and Caroline's life,  and we are really happy that he is now our pastor. 

Now Jon is our Pastor we look forward to God doing great things in our church and through out Bognor.

Everyone welcome to join us on Sundays or in our home/bible study group every other Wednesday.


We have a Cafe style service on the first Sunday on every

month which is very relaxed with tea & coffee throughout the

service plus cakes etc.


Congratulations to Jon & Caroline on the birth of their

daughter Chloe, born on December 19th 2012

(all the best people are born in December) !!!     

Here we are over a year later and Chloe is growing fast . 




Jon & Caroline Adair